At the core of any good wedding celebration is the food. It’s one of the most memorable components of your wedding and it pays to focus your attention on the small details to ensure that your guests love every minute of the big dinner. You’ll want to serve your guests food that is memorable, delicious but also trendy.

In this article, we’re going to talk about some of the biggest wedding food trends to look out for in the New Year.

Fusion Cuisine

One of the biggest challenges of any wedding banquet is choosing the right type of cuisine to please everyone. This is especially difficult when you mix in dietary requirements and different ethnicities, making it incredibly hard to choose a type of cuisine that suits everyone.

This is when it helps to put together a fusion menu that highlights some of the best cuisine from your family’s country of origin. Multicultural weddings are a wonderful thing and there’s always the chance of fusing together different types of cuisine to make for some really special dishes. It’s also a good chance for your guests to try unique dishes that they normally wouldn’t try, and the marriage of different cuisines will be symbolic to the wedding that is taking place.

Appetiser Menus

Let’s face it; weddings last a very long time and if your guests arrive early, they will no doubt be hungry and waiting for something to snack on. This is where an appetiser menu can come in handy especially if you plan to have a lot of different cuisines and styles at the wedding.

By offering small versions of what’s to come later, you can whet your guests’ appetite and give them something to sample. There are plenty of interesting ways to present small appetisers, such as offering them in small takeout boxes or even shot glasses.

Interactive Dinner Service

One of the most common styles of wedding dinner involves guests sitting around at tables that have pre-determined seating arrangements. This encourages the guests to mingle, but you’ll often be seated with people that you already know.

This is where an interactive dinner service can be useful. Instead of just forcing your guests to sit at a table, consider different seating arrangements that will encourage your guests to get up, walk around, stretch their legs and speak with whoever they bump into. For instance, you could try have small seating areas for guests to sit and have waiters walk around serving everyone individual bite-sized meals, or even consider a fancy buffet-style setting where guests can pick and choose what they want to eat at different stations.

More Love for Dessert

Desserts typically come at the end of a wedding dinner, but how about making them less of an afterthought and more of an integral part of the meal?

From dessert stations to having banquet-style meals where sweets can be eaten before the mains, there are plenty of unique and fun ways to incorporate desserts into the main meal and make them stand out.

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