Catering for a wedding can be quite the challenge. In the past, choices were simple and the food wasn’t particularly exciting, but nowadays, the gastronomy world has exploded in popularity and you can now get incredibly unique and different cuisines at your wedding party. Be it the little snacks and tidbits you’re offered throughout the day or the main three-course meal in the evening, there’s plenty more to choose from now than there was a decade ago.

But with so much choice, it’s difficult to tell what’s a good idea and what would end up turning your guests away, so to help you out, we’ve picked out some of the most popular wedding food trends of the past few years to help you decide what’s best for your guests.

DIY Desserts

Mix fun and food together by offering DIY desserts to your guests. Give them the chance to customise things like ice cream pots, cakes and other sweet desserts. This is the perfect treat to follow after the main dinner and it’s a brilliant way to get kids involved.

Tasting Menus

A popular and very recent trend in wedding catering is to have mini-courses instead of larger filling meals. This is much more expensive than your regular catering services, but your guests will be delighted to sample a dozen or so different mini-courses. It’s sophisticated, it’s different and it’s certainly an adventure for your taste buds!

Chef Stations

If you’re not into the formal wedding dinner setting then why not set up several chef stations instead? Treat it like a buffet but instead of pre-cooked food served in hot trays, you could have chef stations that serve everything from pasta to sushi. It’s exciting to see the chefs work, you can have a variety of different cuisines to suit everyone’s tastes, and it’s a social gathering where you can walk around with your food and mingle with everyone instead of being confined to your table.

Late Night Nibbles

If you’re planning on an all-day wedding then having a late night snack menu can be a fantastic way to wind down after a long day. Better yet, you could go with stereotypical late-night sobering foods to help with all the alcohol that your guests have been drinking! Things like pizza, fries, grilled cheese and salty chips can be a blessing to your tipsy guests!

Soup Shots

A popular way to keep your guests interested throughout the day is to offer soup shots instead of typical champagne. Of course, you don’t want to completely replace the alcohol, but having little soup starters can be a fantastic way to tantalise the taste buds of your guests and keep them guessing what’s on the menu for the main dinner.

Frozen Cocktails

If your wedding is in the summer, then nothing beats the heat like a frozen popsicle. But to make things a little more grown-up and mature, why not consider frozen cocktail popsicles? There are plenty of adult-only popsicles that you can make and they’re sure to be a hit during summer weddings.

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