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Wedding Catering Perth

Nosh Catering Can Provide Delicious Menus for your Special Day…

Congratulations on your wedding. Everyone has a different idea about how they want their reception to run, especially their catering. You may want an informal “party atmosphere”, or a more formal traditional style of catered reception. Whatever type of reception that you want, our Wedding Catering team can assist you to put together a menu and service style that will top off your day, and give you and your guests that night to remember. These are the links to our popular Wedding Catering menus:

Wedding RoastsWedding BanquetsFinger FoodWedding Stand UpRoast Buffets and Banquet Buffets

Wedding Catering to Leave You Grinning…

We offer a full range of services from finger food and appetisers, to desserts and more. If you are like most people who have been to a standard reception where everyone leaves hungry – after what must have been a ridiculously high cost – then you should consider our buffet menu options. Our services are also fully licensed to supply drinks & beverages and so we can put together a complete package for your special day.

Affordable and Accessible Wedding Catering…

If you are having trouble cutting down that invitation list to fit your reception into your budget, why not consider adjusting your reception so that you can invite all of your loved ones, family and friends? We can tailor a service to suit your needs and your budget, and we are not tied into the limited choices that most wedding reception centres have. You must be tired of mentioning the word “wedding” and magically seeing prices double or triple – we guarantee that we will not do that.

Catering Anywhere You Please…

We can provide your wedding catering anywhere you please – from backyards and beachsides to community halls and ballrooms. We’ve even provided food in unique locations such as city balconies, local and state parks, and luxury yachts.   Stuck on ideas for where to hold your event…?  We can help by recommending a venue to you!

Nosh Catering has Many Delighted Customers…

We would like to thank your staff who were involved in our wedding on how wonderful they were, and how fantastic the food was.  Everyone who attended our wedding has commented on how much they enjoyed the food at our reception and the wonderful service.  Everything was set up beautifully.
Samantha Foote and Greg Phillips

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Our Menus are Just the Beginning!

Nosh Catering will go to great lengths to ensure that your event is a success.
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