Platter Boxes

Our Platters are prepared to order and are presented in our range of Eco friendly compostable catering food trays as shown.
If you wish to have you Platters delivered, we recommend delivery 15 minutes prior to your planned eating time, alternatively, you may collect your platters from our premises.
January – October: Minimum order requirement is six (6) Platters
November & December: Minimum order requirement is ten (10) Platters
Salad Only orders are not available in November or December
*Please ensure that you select platters that are suitable for any guests that may have dietary requirements as we do not cater individual meals within the Platter Box range.

 How Many Platters Will You Need?
The number of Platters required will depend on many factors including demographic of your guests, planned eating time and the type menu items you choose.
Information for each Platter is provided including the number of items on each & the price per platter.
*As a guide we suggest: 20 guests – 6 platters; 35 guests – 9 platters; 50 guests – 12 platters; 80 guests – 18+ platters*

If your order is required urgently (within 24 – 48 hours) please phone the Nosh Team to discuss
Should you require Platter style foods with Staff to serve your guests, please view our Cocktail Finger Food menus.
Alternatively we can prepare your Platters on white plastic platters at an additional charge of $2.50 per platter.

Please note – Sunday functions  incur a 10% Surcharge & Public holiday functions incur a 15% Surcharge

It’s easy to order: Select an option below to get started. You can view our entire range or just one category using the menu links below: 

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