Melbourne Cup Catering

Minimum of 30 guests for all Menus

These menus are ideal for Melbourne Cup Catering; all three menus below are fully inclusive of
Wooden Cutlery Packs (knife, fork & napkin) and Compostable/recyclable Plates.
All menus will be delivered to you in our ‘Eco-friendly’ compostable cardboard catering food trays ready to eat. They are ideal for a Casual Catering option

*Delivery charges apply*
Nosh Catering Platter Box  Nosh Catering Platter Boxes

Menu No 1

Light Luncheon

30+ Guests: $26.60 pp

Brioche Chicken Avocado
Chicken Avocado Mayo
Spinach Wraps
Continental Fillings
Gourmet Vegetarian Frittata (GF/V)
House made Vegetarian Frittata served with a tangy Tomato Relish
Pumpkin Rocket Danish Fetta (GF)
Roasted Pumpkin, Danish Fetta, Rocket, Vina Cotto
Spiced Cauliflower & Broccoli (GF) 
Cauliflower, Broccoli, Chickpeas, Indian Spices
Green Garden Salad (GF)
A light French dressing on the side. 

Menu No 2
Cold Luncheon

30+ Guests: $31.15 pp

Chicken Breast Honey Saffron Rosemary and Lemon (GF)
Marinated infused with Honey, Saffron, Rosemary & Lemon
Gourmet Vegetarian Frittata 
House made Vegetarian Frittata served with a tangy Tomato Relish
Spiced Cauliflower & Broccoli (GF) 
Cauliflower Broccoli Chickpeas Indian Spices
Pumpkin Rocket Danish Fetta Salad  
Roasted Pumpkin Fetta Rocket Vina Cotto
Green Garden Salad 
A light French dressing on the side.
Dinner Rolls

Assorted dinner rolls with butter portions

Menu No 3

Hot Carvery Buffet

30+ Guests: $26.60 p/p

Succulent Roast Beef  (GF)
Roast Beef with Red Wine and Thyme pan jus 
Tender Roast Pork Leg  (GF)
With delicious crackle and apple sauce
A range of Condiments
Roast Potatoes (GF)
Oven baked in sundried tomato oil until golden
Cauliflower Au Gratin*
Old fashioned favourite with a cheesy cream sauce
Roast Vegetable Medley (GF)
Delicious medley of roasted seasonal vegetables
Garden Salad (GF)
Mesculin lettuce, tomato, cucumber, julienne onion, capsicum carrot with a light dressing on the side.
Rocket, Pear, Parmesan and Fetta Salad (GF)
Roasted Pumpkin & Beetroot with Danish Fetta & Rocket served with Balsamic

Optional Extras

You may wish to add additional Platters from our large & delicious Platter Box range or:

Bottled Water 600ml: $3.00
Soft Drinks 375ml: $2.95
Apple Juice 350ml: $3.85
Orange Juice 350ml: $3.85
Bottled Water 1.5 litre: $5.00
Apple Juice 2 litre: $6.60
Orange Juice 2 litre: $6.60
Eco-friendly recyclable cups 280ml (25 per pack): $5.50

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