It’s nearly Christmas time, so naturally, we Aussies are ready to fire up the BBQ and have some fun in the sun. While the rest of the world is trying to stay warm in the cold, we’re in shorts, t-shirts and thongs. There’s a reason it’s called the land Down Under.

The problems of the northern hemisphere aren’t your concern though. What is is the fact you’ve been asked to bring “nibbles” to a party. Everyone knows this is usually code for chips and a dip, but you’re also aware Doritos won’t cut it at this event.

What you need are basic yet delicious finger food ideas that won’t leave you looking like a turkey. Have we got your back? You’re damn right we do! Here are our suggestions.

Chicken Caprese Bites

Normally, you’d reserve the mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil for a special occasion. The cheese comes from a buffalo so it isn’t as if you can throw it on a piece of bread and make cheese on toast. But, you’re out to impress which is why you need to assemble the Caprese salad elements and deconstruct them.

Dice the tomatoes julienne and cut off rugged yet subtle chunks of cheese. Next, add a leaf of basil and attach it to a healthy portion of breaded chicken. Not only are they great to eat cold, but these bites have the Christmas colours so they’re very festive.

Cucumber And Salmon Rolls

You want to dress to impress, which is why you need salmon. Unlike you, it’s flaky, but it’s also delicate and luxurious (like you). Fish is a big hit at parties because it caters to a lot of peoples’ tastes. However, you don’t want it to be dry or lacking in flavour, which is where the cucumber comes into play.

Slice it thin and add a dollop of cream cheese to the inner layer. Then, wrap it around the salmon for a subtle looking yet succulent appetiser.

Pigs In Blankets

Would it be Christmas without sausage meat unnecessarily wrapped in bacon? It might be a pork overload, but it’s a mouthwatering treat, one which will please the crowd. In fact, the only problem might be that they turn into a violent mob once they realise there aren’t anymore.

They couldn’t be easier to make: cut off small pieces of sausage and cook them for ten minutes. Toward the end, add the bacon so it’s not overdone, and, voila – you’re a fan favourite.

Mini Strawberry Donuts

It isn’t a party without a dessert, and these donuts are the freeze-dried bomb. Mixed with freeze-dried strawberries and buttermilk, they melt in your mouth. Well, figuratively, not literally.

Because they’re small, they’re really light and finish off a buffet perfectly if you’ve been tasked with the toughest meal of the day. All you need to do is buy donut-holes and add a strawberry glaze to the top. Bake them in the oven for five minutes and they’re done.


Have you tried any of the above? If you have then please let us know. We love to hear about finger food catering in Perth the locals love.


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