Christmas is fast approaching, and you might be struggling to find some ideas for party food at this time of year. You don’t want to have the same old thing every year. This year,  you need to be looking for new and exciting things to serve. You need ideas that are going to take your party from dull to sparkling. So, let’s look at some of the ideas that we have that will transform your Christmas party.


For a light party platter, you should consider having a variety of sandwiches. These are not typically served at a Christmas party, so even though they may not seem like an awesome option, they are. There are many different options for catering Perth residents use for a lot of their functions, and many caterers offer a wide variety of sandwich options. It also doesn’t have to be bread. Obviously, it can be white or brown bread for some of the sandwiches, but you can also offer delicious filled wraps as well.

Lovely Christmas flavours after going to be a winner here. So, turkey with cranberry sauce, you could even do pigs in blanket in a wrap. These Christmas treats are sure to go down excellently at your party.

Hot Buffet

A buffet is always the way to go at an event like this. You need a variety of foods on offer so that there is something for everyone. You need to consider that there may be vegetarians and vegans at your event, so you need to make sure that you have catered for this. A hot buffet is a great way to do this. As everything is already on a table, your guests can choose what they want, and a wide selection is always appreciated. If you are keeping a Christmas theme in your food, you are going to want a roast style buffet which consists of meats, potatoes, rice, and so much more. Your guests are really going to love this.

Or, you might want to go for something a little different. There are many fish dishes that would work well on a buffet, such as scallops, wild salmon and a few others. You can also include things such as fried rice and sides to accompany these delicious dishes. It certainly isn’t going to be what people are expecting, but we are sure that they will love it.


Everyone loves a bit of dessert so you should try to have dessert on offer. A table of dessert might be the best option where your guests can go once they have had their main course style food. Small bite-sized desserts are good here and again, you should be thinking in terms of variety. Mini chocolate brownies, yule logs, yoghurts, fruit options and so many other beautiful desserts can be offered at your party. If you make something like this happen, everyone is going to be talking about it long after Christmas.

We hope that you have found these ideas helpful and will use them to create an excellent Christmas party. Make sure that you speak to a caterer about the size of the event and tell them exactly what you want to avoid anything going wrong.

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