Your wedding day will be the most memorable event in yours and your spouse-to-be’s lifetime. You want this day to be perfect, which is why you go long distances to obtain the best venue, a beautiful dress, and an enticing menu. All these items can easily add up financially, especially if you’re on a budget.

When it comes down to food, there are several catering companies who can provide quality food at amazing prices. When choosing the menu for your special day, you want to keep in mind one thing: you cannot please all your guests or accommodate for every allergy or dietary restriction. For this reason, it’s best to make your selections based on your wants and needs.

With that said, here are three good questions you need to ask yourself to help you choose the best catering menu for your big day:

1. What Type of Food Do You Want?

You want to start by deciding on the type of food you’ll be having at your wedding. If you’re planning on providing a full meal, don’t just consider the main course, but also appetisers and a dessert. Many times, couples will make the mistake of having too many options available for their guests. There is no need to include more than three options when it comes down to the main meal, assuming you are doing a sit-down meal with proper entrées.

If you’re getting married at a time of day that you do not plan to provide an entire meal, then choose appetisers or light bites that are appropriate for the time of day.

We will add that having a few options for appetisers is a good idea to keep your guests entertained before the main course. Considering colourful platters add life to your party and keep your visitors entertained. You can make these yourself or hire a professional wedding catering Perth service to save you time, money, and energy!


2. What Is Your Budget?

Weddings are expensive. For this reason, it’s important to have a set budget for every area of your party including the food. Having a set amount that you want to spend for the appetisers, meal, and dessert at your event makes it easier to select the right caterer. Questions to ask yourself to help you better establish a budget include:

• How much food is needed?
• What type of food?
• How will it be served?
• Will I be including appetisers or dessert?

Like it or not, the budget is often the deciding factor on just what exactly you can serve, or on the number of guests you can serve. Many couples have to make the hard decision to either have fewer guests, so they can serve a full, elegant meal, or time the wedding right so as to just serve light snacks so that they can have a larger guest list.
You have to decide what your priorities are and be willing to compromise.

3. What Type of Couple Are You?

At the end of the day, what really matters is the preferences of you and your fiancé. Some couples love to snack on small items all day and don’t need a main course. Others live for gourmet meals and want fine dining served at their special event. Then, there are the couples that don’t care too much about food as long as there are drinks to enjoy!

Deciding the type of couple, you are makes it easier to find the perfect catering service and menu for your wedding. Sometimes if you don’t really mind about what food is served at your wedding, let your parents pick the food. They’ll enjoy the challenge and it will make your life so much easier (they will also probably be more willing to pay for it)!

We hope this guide gets you one step closer to finding the perfect menu for your wedding. With the many options in Perth, we’re confident you’ll find one that fits your needs and budget. Give us a call to learn more about how our services can help!

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