If you’ve been tasked with planning the catering for a corporate event, then it can be difficult trying to figure out which company would be best suited for your needs. Whether it’s a casual conference, an important meeting with investors or even an office party, we’ve put together a couple of tips to help you pick the perfect caterer for your next corporate event.

Healthy Cuisine

Fatty and unhealthy foods are a staple in many offices, but if you’re going to be managing the catering for a corporate event then there needs to be choices on offer and it needs to be gourmet. Healthy foods can be flavoursome, filling and attractive to the eye, but it takes a very skilled caterer in order to pull it off.

Healthy options are attractive especially as more people learn about nutrition and what it can do for the body. Cutting down on unhealthy foods is very common now and you’ll please more people by adding in a couple of healthy options. However, many caterers will offer things like vegetable sticks with dip or typical vegetarian fare, so make sure you speak to them about their healthy options.

Global Options

A good caterer will be able to offer plenty of unique cuisine choices that come from all corners of the world. An experienced caterer will be more than happy to introduce all kinds of unique flavours and colours to your event, so get in touch with them and ask them what they have on offer.

Some caterers won’t have a huge menu on offer, but having a diverse selection of cuisines will certainly make it more interesting for your guests.

Green Practices

If you’d like to impress your guests, go for a sustainable caterer. This means that the produce they source comes from responsible sources that are friendly to the environment, and it also gives you a talking point when discussing the food with your guests.

This also opens up the possibility of in-season ingredient use and fresh organic ingredients that will taste better than mass-produced alternatives. It may be more expensive, but it’s going to improve the quality of the food and can coincide with any environmentally-friendly practices that your business follows.

Taste the Food

Any chef worth their salt is going to taste their food before they serve it, but what they consider to be good might not agree with your own palette. As a result, you may want to taste the food or have your colleagues sample it prior to the event to ensure that everything is up to your standards.

This is also a good time to provide insight regarding any special dietary requirements that your guests may have.

Extra Refreshments

Make sure you take a look at the refreshments menu as well. This will likely include all kinds of drinks and wines, but you might also see snacks and after-dinner desserts and nibbles that can be served as the event is winding down.

This will add a little extra touch to the entire event and ensure that everyone leaves satisfied. It also creates an opportunity for networking, especially if your guests are away from their tables and can mingle in the crowd.

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