Lunch Platters

Fully inclusive of large Compostable Plates & Wooden Cutlery Packs (Knife, Fork & Napkin)

Our Platters are presented in our range of ‘Eco friendly’ cardboard packaging as shown below and will be delivered ready to eat
approximately fifteen (15) minutes prior to your eating time.
*All menus are ‘fully inclusive‘ of large Compostable BioPak Plates & Compostable Wooden Cutlery Packs (Knife, Fork & Napkin)*

*Delivery Fees Applicable*
*Please note – All Sunday & Public holiday functions will incur a 10% Surcharge* 

Nosh Catering Platter Box Nosh Catering Platter Boxes

Light Luncheon

Minimum 15 Guests: $26.65

Brioche Chicken Avocado
Chicken Avocado Mayo

Spinach Wraps
Continental Fillings

Pumpkin Rocket Danish Fetta (GF)
Roasted Pumpkin, Danish Fetta, Rocket,
Vina Cotto

Green Garden Salad (GF)
Mesculin lettuce, tomato, cucumber, julienne onion, capsicum carrot with
a light French dressing on the side.

Cold Buffet

 Minimum 15 Guests: $28.30

Chicken Breast Honey Saffron Rosemary and Lemon (GF)
Marinated infused with Honey, Saffron, Rosemary & Lemon
Housemade Vegetable Frittata
House Made/Seasonal Goodies/Spicy Tomato Jam served warm
Spiced Cauliflower’n Broccoli Salad 
Cauliflower Broccoli Chickpeas Indian Spices
Green Garden Salad (GF)
Served with a light French dressing on the side.
Gourmet Dinner Rolls
Assorted dinner rolls with butter portions

Hot Carvery Buffet

Minimum 30 Guests: $26.60 p/p

Succulent Roast Beef (GF)
Roast Beef with Red Wine and Thyme pan jus 
Tender Roast Pork Leg  (GF)
With delicious crackle and apple sauce

A range of Condiments


Roast Potatoes (GF)
Oven baked until golden
Cauliflower Au Gratin*
Old fashioned favourite with a cheesy cream sauce
Roast Vegetable Medley (GF)
Delicious medley of roasted seasonal vegetables
Garden Salad (GF)
Mesculin lettuce, tomato, cucumber, julienne onion, capsicum carrot with a light dressing on the side.
Rocket, Pear, Parmesan and Fetta Salad (GF)
Roasted Pumpkin & Beetroot with Danish Fetta & Rocket served with Balsamic

Any items from our Platters range may be added to these menus.
*Should you wish your event to be fully inclusive of crockery, cutlery, serviettes, buffet table and tablecloth, serving equipment and uniformed staff to carve, present and clear away, please see our Formal Banquet or Formal Roast menus.

Optional Extras

Bottled Water 600ml: $3.00
Soft Drinks 375ml: $2.95
Apple Juice 350ml: $3.85
Orange Juice 350ml: $3.85
Bottled Water 1.5 litre: $5.00
Apple Juice 2 litre: $6.60
Orange Juice 2 litre: $6.60
Eco-friendly recyclable cups 280ml (25 per pack): $5.50

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