Beyond being one of the most important days of your life, your wedding is a party and every good party demands good food. If you’re having a smaller reception, you may not need the huge banquets and the endless parade of courses that feeds a much bigger crowd. Here, we’re going to look at the kind of catering options that can better fit a more personal, intimate gathering.

Stand-up buffets

The buffet is perfect for smaller to medium sized wedding receptions. While larger crowds can cause quite a lot of chaos while lining up, it provides enough food to ensure that every guest in a smaller crowd is full, while also ensuring that there are plenty of options for everyone. You don’t necessarily have to go with finger food if you’re worried about ruining all those lovely dresses and tuxedos. Our stand-up menu shows plenty of examples of stand-up fork dishes, as well, from satay chicken to pumpkin ravioli.


There’s nothing quite like a huge, satisfying chunk of well-cooked meat and veg to help you recharge after a busy wedding morning. If you’re taking the party to the outdoors, then you can really liven it up and add to the informal feel of it all with a high-quality barbecue. You can host yourself a hog roast or simply serve up a selection of high-quality sausages, burgers, steaks, and chicken so that everyone can pick what they prefer. A smaller wedding can form a nice and orderly queue to get served, while the side-table, packed with salads, potatoes, pasta, bread, and more can serve as something of a socialising spot while everyone enjoys their meal.

A plethora of platters

For a smaller crowd, you want to make sure that the guests are all making the best of the company that they have. For that, there’s nothing more perfect than a buffet of simple food platters around a central area that everyone can gather around. You can host a variety of platters, from cheese and biscuits to vegetables and dips to gourmet lunch rolls. It creates a nice, casual, informal vibe that can go perfectly with a more intimate wedding party surrounded by your loved ones.

The classic roast

You don’t need a huge party to make the most of a restaurant-quality meal. With a smaller party, it’s much easier to simply get a couple of tables and to enjoy a nice, traditional roast with your family and friends. There’s not as much need to impress at such a small gathering, so a classic favourite with some added professional quality can keep the meal warm, friendly, and filling.

If you aren’t sure what food works best with your smaller wedding or you simply want to make sure that you have quality over quantity, Nosh Catering might be able to help. As a long-time provider of wedding catering in Perth, we’ve worked with all kinds of clients for all kinds of events, so we know how to offer just the food your reception needs.


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