There’s no shortage of catering companies in Perth. Each tries to make their business stand out from the rest by offering new takes on classic dishes and elaborate presentation, and niche expertise. It is likely that you will be able to contact a quality caterer in Perth and be amazed by their flavour, eclecticism, and presentation.

Recently, however, many catering companies are branching out and extending their service by providing craft cocktail catering. While also serving food, caterers are now trained to become expert mixologists and deliver drinks at an equally fast rate. While the idea of combining traditional catering with craft cocktail mixology seems appealing, it is a daunting task for any catering company to take on.

So What’s the Difference?

While traditional catering companies continue to provide their customers with an efficient team of trained caterers and servers, improve their cuisine recipes and deliver amazing service, craft cocktail companies are busy trying to deliver two separate services at one time. In an effort to amaze customers with the same flavour and presentation quality that their food is known for, these companies are spending time and energy trying to create specific cocktail recipes to serve with limited staff that also have to serve food at the same time. While trying to serve both food and drinks at a fast pace, the dining environment becomes hectic for both guests and servers.

Craft cocktail catering companies are also using time and energy to teach servers how to bartend more than necessary, which requires extensive coursework and certification. This time could be spent on training staff to be more efficient at what they already provide to customers: amazing and flavourful cuisine.

Most importantly, offering this service can often distract from the tastes and surprises that are packed into each item on the food menu. Caterers design their meals to be enjoyed for their flavour without the distraction of a drink with heavy ingredients to go along with it.

Traditional food caterers focus on delivering food with expertise and professional customer service. We train all of our employees to perfect the art of service, as opposed to forcing them to learn new drink recipes. Traditional food caterers most likely also will provide refreshments for parties and events that are already familiar to drinkers. While this might not be as elaborate as craft cocktails, the traditional and adequate enough bartending service does not distract from the food menu.

Why Choose Luxury Catering Companies in Perth?

Catering begins and ends with what is on the plate, not in a glass. A cocktail is meant to complement a meal, not distract from the flavour. Service should be attentive and orderly, not a desperate attempt to keep up with the busy demands of an event.

We believe in the importance of putting food first with excellent service. This not only makes for a more professional and organised staff, but it also makes for happier clients. We want to accompany your evening with the highest quality possible and no distractions. Although craft cocktail catering is convenient for those who love craft beverages, you might not receive the level of service you expect because of the intense demands that mixology places on an entire event.

We are prepared to serve large events at a fast rate with excellent food that will satisfy all of our guests. Contact us today to review our menus!  


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