Even though you are preparing for one of the happiest days of your life and are filled with excitement leading up to the big event, you might also be worried about how much your wedding will take a toll on your finances. It’s already difficult enough to find a dress, venue, and DJ without going over-budget, let alone feed your guests with the help of quality wedding catering in Perth.

With so many people in attendance, it’s easy to assume that catering has to cost a fortune. However, it’s possible to cut back on spending by thinking strategically. Even if it means not serving decadent and luxurious three-course meals, you can still have a beautiful reception and ceremony you can be proud of.

We have perfected wedding catering in Perth on a budget while still providing flavourful dishes with sizeable portions. Here are a few of our budget-conscious tips.

Skip the Three-Course Meal

Many of our clients assume that it is standard to serve three decadent and fancy courses throughout the reception, and we always tell them that serving courses isn’t necessary. While it’s important that there’s enough food for everyone, many people choose not to eat most of a three-course meal and all that food goes to waste.

Allow people to choose what they eat based on how hungry they are by serving canapés, and other appetizers as a cocktail style event. You will save hundreds of dollars by allowing your guests to snack at a bar rather than providing them with personal appetizer dishes. This also encourages mingling and gets people out of their seats.

Start the Ceremony Before or After Mealtime

By organizing your day around standard meal times, you can avoid having to serve all of your guests because they will have already eaten by the time they arrive, or will not eat until the entrée is served much later into the evening.

This allows you to cut down on both the appetizers and entrees served. If the ceremony begins at 5pm, chances are everyone present is going to be ready to eat as opposed to a minor few.

Minimize Entrée Options

Of course, it’s important to be conscious of your guests’ dietary restrictions and allergies. A standard red meat or chicken entrée, a fish or seafood-based dish, and a vegetarian/vegan selection are enough for everyone to choose something they’re able to eat. Incorporating lavish choices is not going to necessarily win over guests; rather the quality of each dish is what will wow everyone at your wedding. We know how to minimize the cost of a dish while also ensuring that each entrée is flavourful.

We provide affordable wedding catering in Perth to couples that want to have the wedding of their dreams on a reasonable budget. We work with all of our clients to ensure that their needs are met and help them find ways to cut down on costs. Get in contact with us today to learn about our amazing and affordable catering options!

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