Many Australians swear by their favourite Melbourne Cup dishes and insist they serve the best recipes. However, each person always has different ideas of dishes make the best meal for the race. What everyone agreed upon was that catering in Perth needed to be fresh, unique, and easy to eat for a Melbourne Cup lunch to be at its best.

With all that in mind, we have come up with the top 5 menu items to serve for a perfect Melbourne Cup lunch that will satisfy all eaters and make for a great day.

1) King Prawn with Smoked Paprika Aioli

Finger foods that are light, neat, and fun will get the day off to a great start. These canapés can be served by catering in Perth on a serving platter or on a table for people to pick at. Keep in mind that if you have a lot more food following, then guests might fill up on the amazing snacks you’re about to offer.

A nationwide favourite, the king prawn pairs beautifully with the smoky and spicy sensation of the paprika aioli. Other items that pair well are crostini and chutney, chicken ballotine with prosciutto and tomato, and mini prawn and rice paper rolls. These are all popular appetizers that include plenty of ingredients without being too filling.

2) Mini Brioche Sliders with Corn Fritters and Avocado

If a large appetizer plate is intended to substitute for a full lunch, ensure that your choices are plentiful. Offer a variety of small dishes so guests can fill a plate with a variety of interesting and fun foods. The brioche sliders are a combination of a crowd pleaser and an interesting conversation starter. Guests will grab the familiar looking appearance of a slider and taste the unconventional corn fritter within and be amazed.

3) Mexican Barbeque

Because of the Cup’s nature as an outdoor and social event, barbeques are quite popular among race-watchers. To spice up this year’s race with unexpected flavour, try for a Mexican BBQ with guacamole dip, quesadillas with cheese, shallots, and coriander.

On the grill, serve corn on the cob with chilli oil, and spiced chicken, beef, and chorizo skewers. Feel free to add sides of guacamole and salsa to all the meats for additional flavour. You might also want to include burgers stacked with salsa and tomato, in case not all of your guests are feeling adventurous.

4) Mediterranean Buffet

One of the most popular lunch routes is, of course, a buffet lunch. To make yours interesting, spice up a traditional oven-roasted chicken with a Greek Kalavarda style marinade, or Moroccan infused rub with currants, dates, and chickpeas. All are served well with rice or couscous.

Balance out the heavy meats with a couscous and cranberry salad to complete the lunch as a well-rounded and uniquely Mediterranean-infused buffet.

5) Tart Desserts

End your unique lunch with a selection of tart fruits such as passionfruit. For a sweeter approach, and for those that aren’t quite full yet, you can also include lemon meringue and salted caramel tarts. Avoid standard pies and cakes, as these are extra filling and commonplace. Instead, continue to serve exciting and bold flavours until nobody is able to take another bite.

As seen with our own clients on race-day, everyone craves a tasty and flavourful lunch to go along with a day of festivities. Our catering in Perth strives to satisfy all Melbourne Cup watchers with surprising and unique takes on race day lunch that customers can’t get anywhere else. Give us a call!

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