As exciting as hosting a party can be, there’s no denying it can also be stressful. Your guests have it easy, needing to bring little but themselves, their good manners, and maybe a bottle of red to contribute. However, you have to make sure that everything is perfect; the setting, ambiance ,and, perhaps most importantly, the food.

A cheese platter is a must-have at a party, especially in the summer. It’s perfect nibbling food, but your choice of platter can make a big difference. Here, we’re going to look at five reliable favourites and how best to use them.

The variety bundle

An all-rounder with plenty of variety, the focus of a Cheese and Biscuit platter is the variety of premium cheeses.  There are so many to choose from including cheddar, edam, mozzarella and gouda.  Ensuring that there’s something to everyone’s tastes, a Cheese Platter is perfect for grazing, with biscuits adding some much-needed contrast, while a variety of seasoning options allows the guests to have it their way.

The garden party

If your guests need something a little more substantial, then an Antipasto Platter can be just the thing for them. A selection of continental cold meats and roasted vegetables makes this platter perfect for a nice summer’s day.  With the addition of marinated fetta and cheddar cheese this brings the impactful flavour that it needs.

Keeping it fresh

On those particularly hot garden parties, you want to make sure that people aren’t being beat by the heat. Fresh balls of mozzarella, prosciutto and brie offer a good selection of cheeses that are flavourful as well as those on the lighter side. Complement them with fresh, hydrating fruits like peaches, raspberries, grapes and slices of pear to ensure the platter’s kept cool, light, and refreshing.

The tangy tortilla

Tortillas are the perfect party food, adding a little fun and festivity to the mix. Cheese is more of the accompaniment than the main attraction with Tortilla Pinwheels. However, a cream cheese filled tortilla is a mouth-watering sight, and the fanciful arrangement can turn the platter from a source of party food into something of an attraction as well.

The pub platter

If you’re inviting the blokes around for a get-together or you’re hosting a sports viewing party at the home, then recreating the savoury atmosphere of some decent pub grub can go a long way. This works best with strong, flavourful cheeses like a smoked cheddar and marinated Persian feta. Combine that with some fresh roasted nuts, pepperoni or chorizo slices, olives, and big fat slices of fresh bread and you’ve recreated the pub platter perfectly, but with a little more quality you expect from the average watering hole. Goes perfect with a pint.

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