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The best part of planning a Christmas party, especially an office Christmas party, is the food planning. For finger food catering we have everything you need. From cookies to sausage rolls and other savoury treats, there are endless possibilities to choose from when it comes to picking the perfect finger foods for your office Christmas party.

Here are just a few ideas to get the ball rolling. While there are hundreds of finger food possibilities, these are some of the most popular and enduring of all parties. There are plenty of opportunities for theming, too! These are sure to get you in the Christmas spirit.

Christmas Sweets

Is it even Christmas if there are not any cookies? These are the best sweet treat for any party, but especially holiday ones. With endless decorating possibilities and flavours, there are bound to be cookies that satisfy even the pickiest eaters. If you choose catering, there will be delicious and beautiful cookies to choose from.

Mini Sausage Rolls

Aside from perhaps vegetarians, sausage rolls are always a hit at office parties. Mini sausage rolls are cute, cheap, and compact, making them the perfect portable snack. They do not take up much room on a plate or napkin, and they are delicious to boot. You could even put a holiday twist on the classic with some cranberry sauce!

Mini Meat Pies

Meat pies are an Australian favourite, and they are always a hit at any party. Just like with the sausage rolls, it is easy to put a holiday twist on these with some substitutions and additions. This dish, also like the sausage rolls, should be paired with a cold hors-d’oeuvres to satisfy the picky eaters.


Put any meat or vegetable on a skewer, and it is instantly perfect for office party finger foods. With many holiday food combinations to choose from, you can easily alter your skewers to a Christmas theme for your office celebration.

Burger Sliders

These tiny burgers are beloved by many, and very easy to make. You can also make veggie sliders for the vegans and vegetarians in the office. Just like the other hot finger foods, these are easily adapted for the holidays.

Mini Pavlovas

Australians love pavlovas. Why not serve some miniature ones at the big Christmas celebration? This sweet dessert is sure to satisfy everyone and is a perfect tiny holiday treat.

Mini Pizzas

Who does not love a good pizza? Any catering company can easily make tiny pizzas for your office shindig, and you can even offer different toppings for a wider variety of options.

Rice Paper Rolls

Rice paper rolls are a great, adaptable finger food that can be served at any party. You can offer rolls with different fillings to satisfy different dietary restrictions. Any version of this snack is delicious.

Bruschetta Bites

Bruschetta is colourful and delicious, and served with tiny crisps to make a perfect dipping finger food. Any type of bruschetta is bound to be a hit at a party.

Candy Canes

Candy canes are not necessarily a finger food, but they are small and delicious! Plus, they are perfect for the Christmas season.

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